By Cathy – Holly, MI

In 1995 I woke in the morning with Bell’s Palsy (the right side of my face was paralyzed). Two days later I was hospitalized with meningitis. I am just recovering from my 16th episode in 22 years. Some years I get it twice, but I have also gone 4 or 5 years without getting it. With each episode I require IV pain meds (typically morphine) to get the pain under control, so it requires a trip to the hospital. I have had 10 spinal taps and refuse to have another. The most frustrating part, besides losing a month of my life with each episode, is that the doctors don’t believe that I’ve had meningitis 16 times and think it’s just a migraine headache since I won’t allow a tap. I am so grateful to this organization for attempting to bring attention to this disease and hopefully educate doctors.