By Mary

I was diagnosed about 3 years ago. It started on a Saturday morning at the end of May with a headache. We had family visiting for the weekend and had gone out to Mexican food. At first I thought it was the sugar in the Margaritas. Took a couple of Excedrin but it did not ever subside. In fact over the next 24 hours it was starting to get really bad. I finally took a Vicodin after my guests left on Sunday night. I woke up around 3:00 in the morning vomiting and with the most excruciating headache I have ever experienced. I was curled up in the fetal position for the next three days. Once the vomiting subsided I felt a little better but not much. I thought I had a really bad flu. It wasn’t until about a week and a half later that my sister in law thought I had viral meningitis and insisted I go to the emergency room. Since I was on the backside they did not perform and epidural. It took me about 2-3 months to recover.

Four months later in October I had another terrible episode. This time I did not wait and was diagnosed with Mollaret’s Syndrome. I had another episode towards the end of December. I have had many episodes since then. Not as severe as the first three or four. Now I feel more Chronic Fatigue with slight headache. I feel as if I am walking through mud. It ‘s so difficult to mange life with this. The simplest of things are just so hard to complete. Going to the market, cooking dinner let alone to actually work at my job. I am anxious about the future. How will I be able to work?